Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2014 Pan Asian American Games Registration

Registration is now open for the 2014 Pan Asian American Games in New York City. The registration deadline is August 8.

The following divisions are available: 
  • ELITE DIVISION ($350) - This is an UNLIMITED division. There is no cap on skill level.
  • INTERMEDIATE DIVISION ($350) - For intermediate level teams. Rosters are subject to approval, and must be submitted by the August 8 deadline.
  • WOMEN'S OPEN DIVISION ($275) -This division is open to all API girls' / women's teams. This is a one-day tournament that will begin / conclude on Saturday, August 16.
  • HIGH SCHOOL DIVISION ($275) - This division is open to all API teams with players ages 19-and-under. Players must be currently enrolled in high school, or have just finished their senior year.
  • YOUTH 13-U DIVISION* ($50) - Open to teams of API youth 13-and-under.

To register, please click the links above or the REGISTRATION tab in the menu bar. 

*To register for YOUTH divisions, please contact tournament director, Ren Hsieh (

All players must be at least 1/4 API descent. This includes players of East Asian, South Asian, Southeast Asian, and Pacific Islanders. This division is open to players of any age or gender.

All teams will play a minimum of (3) games. The number of teams that make the elimination round will be determined based on the number of total teams that enter the tournament.

All teams must provide their own matching team uniforms with non-repeating numbers. Teams that do not have an appropriate uniform will be issued a technical foul for each offending player. 

If you have any questions, please contact tournament director Ren Hsieh (

Monday, August 12, 2013

PAAG 13: Tournament Results

Men's Elite Division Champions - NYK Spartans
Men's Elite Division Runners-Up - The Unit

Men's Elite Tournament MVP - SPA (G) James "Chump" Choi

Women's Open Division Champions - Toronto Dolce
Women's Open Division Runners-Up - PBM NY

Women's Open Tournament MVP - DOL (G) Niveal Pastrana

Men's Intermediate Division Champs - Fastbreak NYC
Men's Intermediate Division Runners-Up - FABA DC

Men's Intermediate Tournament MVP - FBN (G) Kunga "Flash" Nyima

Boys HS 19-U Division Champs - ISS Flightz
Boys HS 19-U Division Runners-Up - USAB Warriors

Boys HS 10-U Tournament MVP - ISS (G) Manny Cuadrado

Sunday, August 11, 2013

PAAG 13: Saturday Standings & Results

Congratulations to Toronto Dolce, PAAG 13 Women's Open Champions!!!


Men's Elite

Group 1
1.) The Unit (UNT) 1-1 [+19]
2.)  PBM Top Gunz (PBM) 1-1 [+4]
3.) Fastbreak NYC (FBN) 1-1 [-23]

Group 2
1.) NYK Spartans (SPA) 2-0 [+11]
2.) NYCE (NYC) 1-1 [+14]
3.) USAB Warriors (USB) 0-2 [-25]

Men's Intermediate

Group 1
1.) Team RWC (RWC) 3-0 [+40]
2.) FABA DC (FAB) 2-0 [+19]
3.) Fastbreak NYC (FBN) 1-1 [-5]
4.) USAB Warriors (USB) 0-2 [-11]
5.) NJ Scarlet Knights (NSK) 0-2 [-24]

Group 2
1.) NY Rockits (NYR) 2-0 [+17]
2.) Thunder (THU) 1-1 [-5]
3.) NYC Skyline (SKY) 1-1 [-10]
4.) NJ Rock Stars (ROC) 1-2 [+13]
5.) Japan United (JPU) 0-2 [-35]

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

PAAG 13: Tourney Tees Have Arrived!

New #PAAG13 tournament tees just arrived as well. Colors came out perfect. Big ups to @petesprintshop! Follow us on Instagram @thedynastyproject!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PAAG '13 Official Hotel - NY Manhattan Broadway Hotel

For those of you traveling from out of town and looking for a place to stay, we have secured discounted rooms at the NY Manhattan Broadway Hotel ( This is a budget hotel with a prime location right by Times Square. Think of it as a Motel 6 right in the heart of New York City.

We wanted to find a safe, affordable option for our out of town guests and there's no safer neighborhood in NY right now than Times Sq. Plus, our tournament venues are just a short subway ride away.

All PAAG participants, friends and family receive 20% off all rooms. Just visit and use promo code: PAAG.


Monday, June 17, 2013


This year's Pan Asian American Games will take place August 10-11 in New York City's Upper West Side. We will have the following divisions:
  • Men's Elite - Unlimited, the best of the best ($400)
  • Men's Intermediate - Competitive but not ready for prime-time players. ($400)
  • Women's Open - Open to all APIA girls'/women's teams. ($250, one day tourney)
  • Boys HS - Open to boys HS teams 19-U. ($250, one day tourney)
Men's Elite and Men's Intermediate divisions must add $50 for tournament souvenir t-shirts.  A $25 discount to can be subtracted if tournament fees are submitted in advance. Visit the GENERAL INFORMATION tab for details.


Email Address:
Phone Number
City and State of origin
For which division(s) of play are you interested in registering? Boys HS
Girls HS
Men's Elite
Men's Open
Women's Open
Is your organization a 501(c)3 non-profit? Yes

All rosters are subject to approval. When you are ready to submit your roster, email Tournament Director Ren Hsieh ( for a roster form.

Rosters must be completed in full at the close of registration (July 27). Any changes to the roster after that date must be forward to Ren Hsieh and approved.

This online form was provided by Freedback.

We do offer discounts to documented non-profit organizations and multiple team entries from any one organization. Email for more information.

ELIGIBILITY NOTES: All players must be of at least 1/4th Asian descent. We prefer that each team choose a nationality or ethnicity of origin to represent but it is not mandatory to compete.